About Us


The Celtic Council of Australia - Queensland (CCAQ) was established at a public meeting convened under the auspices of The Celtic Council of Australia Inc. held in Brisbane on the 29 July 2003. CCAQ was founded by Charter granted by CCA Inc.
Various Celtic Societies in Brisbane have supported the establishment of CCAQ by becoming Celtic Organisation members. Many persons of Celtic birth or descent have also joined as Individual Members.

On Friday 2 April 2004, CCAQ hosted a social function at the Queensland Irish Club for members and guests at which Mr Bill Hanley OAM, CyC, was appointed as patron. At the annual general meeting on 27 July 2005, CCAQ members adopted a separate CCAQ Constitution. On 12 March 2014, the organisation became incorporated as the Celtic Council of Australia (Queensland) Inc.


  • promote, organise and/or assist the provision at a university or universities in Australia of a Chair of Celtic Studies and/or university courses in Celtic Studies;

  • promote, organise, arrange and/or assist the study of Celtic culture, including languages, at any educational institution or institutions or other organisation or organisations;

  • promote the interests of the Celtic and/or Celtic-descended residents of Australia, that is persons of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Manx, Breton and other accepted Celtic descent;

  • hold social, educational and other meetings in pursuance of the above objectives;

  • honour members of Celtic communities who have made a significant contribution to the Celtic cause

  • raise funds for the above objectives, whether by public or private appeal or any other lawful means, and to employ such funds and to make expenditure in such ways as are appropriate for the above objectives; and

  • liaise with the various Celtic societies in Queensland, coordinating pan-Celtic activities and taking responsibility for the award of Celtic honours in Queensland.

The CCAQ holds a number of Pan-Celtic events throughout the year to provide opportunities for different Celtic Nation groups to get together, display and celebrate aspects of Celtic cultural heritage.  It also supports the various activities of individual Celtic national organisations.


Membership is open to any interested member of the public who wishes to encourage and promote the above objectives.
Types of membership and annual fees are:

  • Individual - $20 (concession rate $10)

  • Public organisation - $50

  • Corporate sponsor - $150


The Annual General Meeting is normally held on the last Saturday in July.  Committee meetings are normally held five times per year.